Our Story

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Authors: Jheanelle Johnson, mother of Josiah and Roshena Jenkins, mother of Zayden.


We are two empowered women who yearned  to establish something to grow with our children while working in unison to keep them entertained; this is how J&Z Adventures Unlimited came to fruition. It serves as a foundation to instill success and determination into our children and other children as well. J&Z provides a symbiotic relationship between education and entertainment by creating an outlet for children to creatively strive while having fun! These books will forever be a token for our children to have, showing them they are a part of something that was built from nothing and out of love. What started off as a small idea will continue to flourish and show our children and others alike that any and everything is attainable with determination and hard work.


We will continue to have J&Z Adventures Unlimited grow with products that are geared towards keeping children engaged while developing their skills in reading and imagination! We cannot wait to show you that all dreams are achievable. Get ready for endless adventures!